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The Mihai Eminescu Trust

The Mihai Eminescu Trust is a Romanian-British charity dedicated to helping traditional rural communities in Transylvania improve their livelihoods through the conservation and sensitive use of their cultural and natural heritage. Since its establishment in Romania in 2000, the MET has been running its innovative Whole Village Project in more than 15 Saxon villages. Using local resources – from people and knowledge to materials and tools – the Whole Village Project works by “adopting” an entire village community, assessing its various problems and needs, and trying to identify integrated solutions. Priority actions are chosen through local community consultations and the implementation is entrusted to a local team, under the supervision of the MET. By saving over 500 historic buildings – from houses and churches to barns, walls and bridges – and training over 100 local craftsmen in traditional building skills, the MET has contributed to the area’s international renown, while also assisting local villagers in setting up income-generating activities and small business ventures in guesthouse tourism, building conservation, organic agriculture and traditional crafts. For more details, please visit


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