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Access points: Sighişoara – international train and bus station, E60, and national roads DN13, DN14; Daneş – local train and bus station, DN14; Laslea – local buses, DN14). Sighişoara can be reached by train, bus or car from Târgu Mureş (54 km), Sibiu (91 km) and Cluj Napoca (147 km) international airports, as well as from Bucharest (297 km).

Geography and climate: The landscape is hilly, with elevations between 360 and 600 m. The climate of the Transylvanian tableland is temperate-continental. Annual mean temperatures vary around +8C; the coldest month is January, with average temperatures of -4C, and the warmest month is July, with average temperatures of +23C.

Accessing attraction points and orientation:

The fortified churches are often closed during the day, but someone in the village has the key and is usually happy to show visitors around. To find the key holder, ask the locals or enquire at one of the information points.
Very few walking paths are marked, so it is important that you have a good map, a compass or GPS and good orientation skills.